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Rimzaa Soft

Rimzaa Soft is a mobile game developer based in Karachi,Pakistan, with offices in Karachi, Lahore And Islamabad. Since our launch in 2016, we’ve brought Fource games to the global market – Battle Strike, Cube Out, Battle Strike World War : BSWW and Encounter TD. Our goal is to make the best games – games that are played by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years and remembered forever.


In the summer of 2015, Rimzaa Soft was born. Back then, the founders had no idea what the company would become. They just knew they wanted to make great games that people would play for years. To do so, they would create a new kind of gaming company.

“Rimzaa Soft was founded on a few core beliefs.”

We used this simple sentence to describe our idea of a new kind of games company that would put people front and center. We thought to ourselves: “What if you put together a games company the way you’d put together a professional sports team?” In that type of model, the sole mission of the founders and management would be to acquire the best talent for every single position, create the best possible environment for them, and then get out of the way. It would be an environment with zero bureaucracy. A place where the best people could make the biggest possible impact and nothing would stand in their way. Everything else, including financial goals, would be secondary. Over the years, we realised that even more important than having the best people is having the best teams – just as in sports, where World Cups and Championships are won by teams, not individuals.

Founder OF Rimzaa Soft : Israr Ulhaq

Our first game was called Battle Strike. It was a real-time massively multiplayer online Shooting game.

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