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Story Of Israr Ulhaq

I am fond of gaming since my childhood & always do it. When I became 14 years old when my elder brother inspired me to develop my own games by saying that just think that, “how the game developers look like”? Then I thought to make my own software company. I Googled & learned from YouTube in 4 years then launched my own named Rimza Soft. My first game is Battle Strike. 2nd one is Encounter TD 3rd is Battle Strike World War I have uploaded these on Playstore and working on 2 more. My study has disturbed much in this, in result, my progress went low then I continued my study till matric and clear it in a good grade, now I have attempted Inter exams. I faced many hurdles, then I used to be angry and sometimes be sad, in such situations my family motivates me to do that, “you can do it”. Then I worked hard very much. Now by the grace of Allah Almighty, I am earning 50k just from home if in future traffic increases towards my games then for sure my income would also increase. It’s very tough for me to manage alone. First I have to create audios then models plus their programming.

About Rimzaa Soft

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  1. Dear i also want to join this field and i am fond of gaming i am currently in 1st year biek board pre enginee ring group . can u guide me the whole process of field and in which university are u doing BS and did it require courses from institution, like apptech. And which software did u use to develop the games and did university teaches u game development? or you are self taught kindly leave a reply please.

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