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Battle Strike Patch 11.0: Full notes and updates

Battle Strike Patch 11.0 is here with a lot of new features. The latest update will add a new mode to the game called FFA. Several old modes will also be returning to the game soon. 

The new version of the game will be released on Oct. 10. Players will require 100 MB of storage on Android devices and 200 MB on iOS to download the update. Updating the game before Oct. 19 will reward players with New Skin, 100 AG, and the Justice Defender Backpack for three days. 


New social features

Some new social features have been added to the game in Patch 11.0. Rimzaa Soft said these have been added to make it easier for players to meet new friends who also enjoy Battle Strike.

Highlights feature

  • A new highlights feature has been added to make it easier to share your plays.
  • This can be enabled in the settings.
  • It can also be used to see career results and share them in chats and on external platforms.
Garage Map

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